Monday, August 26, 2013


If you are a follower of my blog's posts, you may have been noticed that I am more of a high heel girl :) Although, I have places where I have to wear comfortable flats, such as long walks and at home, I will never give up the style of my shoes! Fortunately for me, I came across a brand named Orthaheel, which shoes are the latest innovation in the field of comfortable footwear. These shoes include an orthotic device in the sole that reduces heel, knee, and lower back pain. To develop the innovative sole, Orthaheel worked with an Australian podiatrist to create a line of shoes that is approved by the American Society of Podiatry. 
Doesn't matter the age, our feet and ankle bones have a tendency to constantly align themselves in new ways, causing injury and pain when the re-aligned bones deal with forces they were not designed to bear.  To counteract this problem, every Orthaheel shoe has strong arch support as well as heel cushioning.  This support and cushioning causes the feet and ankle bones to shift back closer to their original alignment.  With the original foot/ankle alignment in place, there is a more even distribution of weight throughout the body, which helps other weight-bearing joints such as your knees as well as lifting some of the pressure off of sore spots on your feet.  While most decent footwear will provide for shock absorption on the feet, the genius of Orthotic shoes is the effort to realign the feet and ankle bones correctly. 
I found out that due to their unique design, Orthaheel shoes will improve almost any foot issue.  For example, over 70% of the population over-pronates.  Over-pronation occurs when a person rolls their feet to the inside, which causes fallen arches.  Heel spurs are tiny bits of ankle bone that grow out into the surrounding connective tissue and muscle around the heel.  Both heel spurs and tendonitis, the inflammation of tendons, occur more frequently the older a person gets.  Customers have reported to providers, such as Sole Provisions, that Orthaheel provides natural lasting relief for back pain, knee pain, and shin pain. 
One reason Orthaheel shoes work so well is the material the soles are made of, a flexible material called ethyl vinyl acetate or EVA.  EVA is both supports and cushions the feet at the same time, a highly unusual combination.  By doing so, Orthaheel shoes provide shock absorption to the feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back in addition to improving alignment.

Unlike some other manufacturers, Orthaheel has remembered that a healthy shoe does not have to an ugly shoe.  It has developed a wide selection of shoes that include sandals, casual shoes, work shoes, walking shoes and even slippers in different colors and materials, a selection that is unique among manufacturers.  I found this brand of shoes, and lots of other comfort ones, at Sole Provision (bay the way I noticed that they have the lowest prices for Orthaheels of any store around!) So, if you are suffering from foot pain of any kind, or just want style and comfort in one, give Orthaheels a try. The science behind them will help alleviate your pain in just a few days...I certainly never regretted wearing them :) And, for my readers who will start school soon, I saw there so many stylish and comfortable shoes to choose from, and here is only one of many...

                                                 As always, Stay CHIC! Manuela :)

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