Welcome to my world! :) I'm Manuela, Fashion Designer & Image Consultant. I am Canadian with European roots. I speak fluently 5 languages, so love to communicate. I, also, love philosophy, music, art in general, but what I love the most is the visual communication, the language of beauty. I know that beauty is relative, as everything in this world, still I found that beauty lays in a certain balance of elements. What I love, is to find and create that beautiful balance in everything that surrounds me, looks inclusive, in a Glamorous and Chic way. I guess, I love to create all the time, it's like a fuel to me! And, I found that fashion is one of the best (& fastest:) way to create since we have the opportunity to create ourselves every day.

Why I decided to create a personal style blog? Well, because I love to be creative, original, and I think that the more opinions, perspectives and inspirational points exist in the world, the better for the world. I wanted to bring my perspective on fashion, and maybe be a source of inspiration for others. Fashion is quite an interesting tool, it can help/improve, or can hinder your social life. So, if I get to inspire, and improve the life of at least one person with my suggestions, then all my blogging was worthy for me!:)

My life philosophy is:
                                                     We are what we think.
                                                   Beauty, is a state of mind.
                           Is not what we wear, is how we wear it that really matters. 

                                                         Stay CHIC! Manuela 

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