Tuesday, March 25, 2014


                                                                Stephan Caras

So far, this blog was meant as an outlet for displaying my outfits and fashion trends ideas, I didn't want it to be yet another fashion news blog. But, I thought would be interesting to sometimes showcase Canadian designers that are representative of my fashion taste and style. The opportunity to see the work of such designers just presented itself last week, during the Toronto Fashion Week. One of the shows I had the opportunity to be invited to, and stood out for me, was the Stephan Caras FW 2014 Collection presentation. I was pleasantly surprised to see so much craft and luxury in his creations! The dominant colors of the collection, were the black & red, sort of a fuchsia red, really glamorous. Although I loved all the pieces from this collection, I selected here my top 10, the ones that I would love to wear the most :) In case you wish, you may see the entire fashion show here. As for my future posts, I will try to keep you informed with more creations from other Canadian designers, until let me know how do you like these ones!

                                                       Stay CHIC! Manuela xoxo

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